Like most small businesses, Turret Punch Company was founded on three basic principles: Manufacture a quality product. Be competitively priced and of course provide outstanding customer service before and after the sale. Today, thirty-five years later, the vision of William “Bill” Lang, founder of TPC, Inc. lives on. Bill—as he liked to called—was the quintessential American entrepreneur. A veteran of World War Two, Bill returned home to Los Angeles and soon found work selling turret punch presses for a major East Coast firm. As a man with a strong mechanical aptitude, a great personality and solid work ethic, it’s no wonder Bill became the top salesman in the country. A humble Bill Lang would later recall, “With the post war aerospace boom here in L.A., selling machinery to the big boys was almost like shooting fish in a barrel!”

However, Bill had a keen eye for opportunity. And with all of the turret punch presses he had sold on the West Coast, he felt there would be a huge potential for support tooling, especially the polyurethane strippers that were molded from this relatively new elastomer. As Bill experimented at home in his garage, he was able to develop the right ratio of pre-polymer, curative and cure time to create what he felt would best combination for his urethane strippers. Obviously, there was no shortage of machines, and where there were machines, there were customers to field test his new product and eventually sell to, and as the story goes, the rest is history. Within a year Bill was able to quit his day job and devote all of his time to casting polyurethane and besides, it was a great opportunity to work his young sons into the business.

From the family garage the new company expanded into their first manufacturing plant in Los Angeles followed by an expansion to a larger facility in Santa Fe Springs. As the business grew so did their product offering that now included wheels and rollers, sheets and bar stock, automotive suspension bushings and a host of other custom parts that lends itself to the ubiquitous polyurethane material.

By the late 1980’s Bill semi retired and turned the day to day operation of the business over to his sons Steven and Bill Jr. Under Steve’s watch the Plant relocated to a modern business park in Rancho Cucamonga where TPC (short for Turret Punch Company) would eventually take over six buildings. As business continued to grow Steve expanded his product line and brought more of what he used to sub-contract in house. In 2009, TPC acquired KD Associates, a leading manufacture of elevator/escalator wheels and rollers based in Southern California.

In 2011, The company purchased a new 20,000 square foot building near the famous California Speedway in Fontana, California and added additional equipment that would now make them 100% self sufficient. Services now include design and engineering featuring the latest CAD equipment, precision CNC machining, reaction injection molding (RIM) and traditional plastic injection molding and extruding.

As the company approaches their thirty-fifth year in business a third generation is being groomed to take over key positions within the organization by starting from the ground up just as the last generation did before them, working in all facets of the company while attending college, and that’s exactly the way William Lang would have wanted it.