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Polyurethane Motor Mounts for Performance and Longevity

Urethane and polyurethane motor mounts are the best way to limit vibration and flexing, and TPC, Inc. manufactures a wide range of standard mounts in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Capable of handling temperature extremes and resisting oil, grease, coolants, and abrasives, polyurethane motor mounts will help extend the life of your machinery and parts longer than other materials, such as rubber. And, with a highly knowledgeable urethane manufacturer like TPC, and our wide-ranging inventory, finding the polyurethane mounts you need is easy and cost-effective, so you can focus on getting your quality products to market.

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Great products start with a quality design and are finished with precision. We manufacture a vast array of high-quality urethane and polyurethane products that are customized to meet the exact methods, standards, and specs that you and/or your company require. With broad custom-fit abilities and a dedicated and experienced staff, TPC can make the precise design you need to help make your business successful and your customers happy the first time they experience a TPC product and every time thereafter.

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An Industry Standard in Urethane

As the oil and gas industry has matured over the last century, Polyurethane has proven itself to be an indispensable material. The remarkable abrasion resistance of polyurethane allows these materials to excel in the most unforgiving environments that exploration and drilling has to offer. The chemical resistance of polyurethanes has made it an indispensable part of gas-well completions and gas production. Robust material formulations have been customized over the years to suit the unique and demanding conditions that can exist in the oil and gas sectors today. As the energy sector continues to change and develop, we will continue to work with leading companies to produce solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of the industry. Ask us how our innovations have helped shaped the industry of today.

Afraid of flying? You shouldn’t be! The aviation industry expanded exponentially over the last few decades, with more planes flying than ever before. Worldwide bodies of testing and regulation have created one of the safest transport systems for persons and commerce of the modern age. Throughout these rigorous bouts of testing, urethane has proven itself to be an unparalleled material within aviation and aerospace. The extreme operating conditions of not just planes, but rockets as well, require a material with substantial properties to perform as desired. Urethane has gained accolade within this sector as an indispensable material. In the production of aerospace components, Polyurethane also has importance in various aspects of fabrication of complex metal shapes required for aerospace.

When lives are on the line, you need material that works, no questions asked. The demanding nature of todays military applications require expertise and oversight that comes with years of industry experience. Demand by todays top armed forces for Polyurethane in various systems within the military demonstrates how this material has proven itself in the field. Having quality materials you can rely on matters. You can rest easy knowing polyurethane will perform as needed, not just here at home, but overseas as well.

Urethane has been the un-sung hero of the fitness industry for many years. Lots of the “Rubber” you see at your gym is really Polyurethane. Soft coverings for weight plates, cable guides on weight machines, and shock absorbing bumpers have been made out of urethane for many years. The wheels on many exercise machine systems (rowers / stair machines) are made of urethane, due to the need to be long-lasting under intense conditions. As the next generation of fitness equipment prepares to enter the market, we stand ready to help our customers find the solutions.

Almost since its inception, the modern automotive industry has viewed urethane as an undeniably robust and resistant material. It had early use in dunnage applications, which ensured that components stayed damage free while in transit between various factories and buildings, and this practice continues to this day. Its early use on axels helped bring in the age of independent suspension. In working with industry leaders, we have found material formulations with extremely low rebound properties, for when vibration of a vehicle needs to be addressed. Innovations in polyurethane have helped motor vehicles becomes the quiet and smooth experience we take for granted today.