Modern automated assembly and production technologies have forever changed the way we manufacture. Modern robotics have allowed us to seamlessly connect phases of production, and in turn offers substantial decreases in the time required to produce an item. Rollers, shock absorbing bumpers, and gripping elements are present in almost every modern manufacturing center. Choosing the right material for these elements can improve these automated systems, and allow them to work at a high pace, and in a reliable fashion. Custom Cast urethane products have filled a diverse range of industry needs, and improved the capabilities of automated systems. Let’s look at a couple of benefits to using urethane in Process Automation.

Long Lasting Polyurethane has an Excellent Wear Life

The strong molecular bond present in cast urethane polymers means your parts will be long lasting in the field. Performance additives can be used to target specific forces that an item will be subject too while in use. Whether the requirement is extra resistant to lateral abrasion, or to withstand repeated cycles of compression and expansion, Turret Punch Company can custom blend a polymer that will best suit the needs to todays automated systems.

Inexpensive tooling

Polyurethane molds can be made out of a variety of soft or hard materials. Rigid steel and aluminium tooling is common, but there is also an array of non-metallic mold options. Mold materials like silicone allow for inexpensive tooling to be developed, and allows projects with low quantities to be economically feasible. The rigid tooling required for some injection molding processes can be quite costly, and prohibit development of a project. Turret Punch Company has worked to bring a diverse selection of molding options to customers, and find cost effective solutions for mold making.

urethane application in automation

Low Lifecycle Costs

Switching your automated systems to polyurethane can initially be intimidating, due to the fact that it can be pricier than some alternative materials. Although initial investment may be of higher cost, the excellent wear qualities of urethane allow for a much longer lasting part. This higher initial cost quickly benefits those who change to polyurethane components. By outlasting many other comparable materials by such a large degree, polyurethane parts quickly become cost saving pieces of your automated production systems. Long lasting parts also lower downtime required for maintenance, and also lower the risk of unexpected failures that can bring automated production to a halt.

Resistance to Harsh Environments

Polyurethanes have a diverse range of resistance to many chemicals and environments where many other materials fail. Having consistent material behavior over a large temperature range allows the material to operate as desired in hot and cold climates. Most chemicals cause little to no problem for urethanes, allowing them to be used in some of the most demanding and caustic scenarios. In production systems involved with heavy abrasives or oils, Turret Punch Company can find the right urethane solution for a long lasting component.

An abundant range of Physical Properties

Todays automated production facilities serve all industries and professional sectors. With that broad of a customer base, the range of tasks completed by automated lines can be dizzying. Urethane has excelled in bottling industry application with its excellent shock absorption, and ability to securely grip articles moving down a line. Lumber industry leaders have long turned to urethane for its abrasion resistance, and ability to have low-friction properties without sacrificing material strength. In the Mining sector, massive automated rock sorting equipment has seen an increased use of polyurethane due to its excellent shock absorbing qualities. No matter the requirements, Turret Punch Company find the best solution to enhance automation.

Give your automated systems the benefits of Urethane

If you are looking to have long term cost saving by utilizing the best materials, polyurethane is the clear choice. Having an automated system with unparalleled reliability can be accomplished by properly utilizing urethane to make your machines more robust, and give you the peace of mind that the best materials are being used in your production. Replace wearable parts less frequently by talking with a knowledgable design team, and finding the best fit for your application. Polyurethane stands poised to be an ever increasing benefit to those who use it, and will surely be apart of the automated systems of tomorrow.

In case you’re looking for a reliable polyurethane manufacturer to work with, TPC brings decades of experience and a dedicated, customer-focused team on the table. Our unmatched urethane and polyurethane solutions puts you ahead of the curve every single time.