At TPC Inc, one of the main processes that we carry out is creating a strong bond between urethane and metals. It is critical to most of our product manufacturing operations and has to be performed in a very strict environment. In this article, let us understand the process of bonding urethane and metals a bit more closely.

Bonding cast polyurethane to metals involves creating a chemical bond between the two materials by applying a bonding agent to the metal surface and reacting it with liquid urethane as it cures. This results in a strong bond that is strong than the urethane itself. However, achieving a good bond depends on proper metal preparation, as most bond tests are destructive and it is not possible to visually inspect the bond before the part is put into use. Therefore, it is important to follow a controlled bonding process, which includes washing the metal parts with an alkaline detergent solution, grit blasting the surface to remove any scale or oxidation and create an anchor pattern, and applying a chemical primer to the metal.