This week, leading urethane manufacturer and supplier, TPC Inc, announced the opening of a second manufacturing facility in Southern California, in the city of Fontana. The latest expansion comes on the heels of the company’s successful product offering, of custom cast urethane, color matching, and screen printing.

TPC’s new facility, which is located at 15342 Valencia Avenue, Fontana is in close proximity to their other shop and is expected to more than double the production capacity, thus keeping up with the rapidly growing demand for urethane and injection molding demand. The new facility is aimed at reducing the lead times for custom urethane solutions. The company’s first location, which is also located in Fontana, will continue to serve as its headquarters and where most of its administrative functions are housed.

“These are exciting times for TPC”, said Chris Lang, VP at TPC Inc. “We have grown exponentially over the past 40 years and our new facilities will allow us to continue to better align our services with our customers’ demands in the SoCal market and provide us with significant space for future growth as TPC continues to expand its business across North America.”

Head of Business Development, Will Bennett added, “Urethane and related products have been finding innovative applications across multiple new industries, and hence the market has been booming. We are super excited about the opportunity to work with diverse customers and develop custom urethane solutions for them. Injection molded elastomers have been doing wonders for our customers who have larger demand in which traditional methods cannot keep pace. The new Southern California facility is perfectly equipped to deliver high-volume orders in a short span of time.

About TPC Inc: For over 40 years, TPC Inc has been providing customers with high-quality, American-made urethane products with on-time deliveries at competitive prices. Using hand-cast and automated urethane production, a modern machine shop and a full team of experienced professionals, TPC’s urethane and polyurethane products have served a wide variety of industries, including Military, Consumer products, and Transportation, to name a few.

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